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PROGRAM of the day

8.30 am: Doors open 🚪

8.30 am - 9 am: Welcome coffee 🥐

9 am -11 am: Talks 🎤

 Ben Lesh - Thinking About Your Code: Push vs Pull 

We're going to explore a different way of thinking about code. What does it mean for your code to "push"? What does it mean to "pull"? What primitives exist in JavaScript, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

 James Q. Quick - Dante’s Inferno of Fullstack Development 

The last 5 years in Web Development brought a whirlwind of changes, acronyms, and contrasting opinions as “best practices” constantly evolve. From static first to server everything, it feels like we’ve been circling down Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell. Join this talk for a discussion around the evolution of Web Development. We’ll explore the rise and sudden fall of the Jamstack, the overwhelming amount of rendering strategies, and most recently, the renewed emphasis on the server. The more you understand about where we’ve been and why, the more prepared you’ll be for the future!

 Jessica Sachs - What to test in your web app 

Rethink the 'supposed to's in testing with 'How to Test Almost Anything.' Focus on crafting systems and experiences that delight both users and our business (hint: they should be the same thing!). Challenge standard practices and lean into a user-centric approach to develop systems that are robust, maintainable, and truly resonate with user needs, propelling your business forward.

11 am-11.30 am: Morning break ☕

11.30 am -12.30 pm: Talks 🎤

 Minko Gechev - Converging Web Frameworks 


As web app requirements evolve over time, shared goals emerge between web frameworks. Seeing opportunity in this overlap, Google is converging two fundamentally different frameworks. Outside of Google, we see frameworks aligning on the same primitives and patterns to support the evolving web. In this talk, you'll learn about these foundational patterns and how to approach this world of convergence practically.

 Ruby Jane Cabagnot - Embracing Reactivity: Signals unveiled in Modern Web Frameworks 

As the landscape of web development evolves, so does the complexity of managing state and reactivity in our applications. This talk delves into the core concept of signals—a fundamental building block of reactivity in modern web frameworks like SolidJS and Svelte. We'll explore how signals simplify state management, enhance performance, and improve the developer experience

 Lea Verou - API design is UI design 

You may think that usability principles are something that is only relevant to visual designers. However, every time you write a function, a class, or a component, you are creating a user interface. Every time you use someone else’s component, or a utility library, or even the browser’s native APIs, you are _using_ a user interface. Great APIs follow user-centered design principles just as much as visual interfaces, and APIs that are painful to use tend to be designed in a vacuum, removed from the actual user needs they are designed to serve. In this talk you will learn the principles that make APIs dreadful or delightful to use, distilled from Lea’s experience reviewing proposals for new Web technologies as a W3C TAG member, creating & managing dozens of successful open source projects for over a decade with thousands of merged pull requests, and doing a PhD on this very subject, at MIT.

12.30 pm  - 2 pm: Lunch break 🥪

2 pm - 3pm: Talks 🎤

 Alex Moulinneuf - Mario Kart 3.js: pushing the limits of JS together 

I started a 3D rendering project in JavaScript and shared my journey through building in public. The JS community joined in, and together, we took the project to incredible heights. This experience transformed my career. And so it can transform yours. Start building in public to push your projects even further than what you could ever imagine!

 Ben Halpern - Becoming the multi-armed bandit 

Practical applications of one of the most relevant algorithms in software development of all kinds. It is a walkthrough of how I have consistently used the Multi-armed Bandit algorithm in my career ( with discussions on how to think about specific technical details, but also how to think about it from a stakeholder perspective. I.e. using this approach to align with business or project needs.

 Mark Dalgleish - Remixing the bundler 

We’ve seen many JavaScript frameworks built on top of bundlers like webpack and esbuild, but with the rise of Vite, there’s now an increasing number of frameworks inverting this model. Rather than needing their own plugin systems, we’re seeing frameworks that are themselves bundler plugins. To explain the tradeoffs between these approaches and what it means for us as framework consumers, we’ll have a deeper look at Remix, the popular React framework—why we recently transitioned from one model to the other, and what it took to convert Remix into a Vite plugin.

 Stoyan Stefanov - Your app crashes my browser 

Memory leaks in JS are a blind spot for many (I'd guess most) web apps and we need to spread awareness. How to know if your app leaks memory in the wild (reporting API), how to find leaks (memlab by Facebook + my recorder extension) and how to fix them (usually the easiest)

3pm - 3.30pm: Afternoon break 🍰

3.30pm - 4.20pm: Talks 🎤

 Eleanor McHugh - Encrypt all transports 

A fast-paced introduction to networking and cryptography in JavaScript, demystify the use of standard network protocols and cryptographic techniques such as symmetric encryption, public-key encryption, signatures, and zero-knowledge proofs. Each technique will be explored through code for NodeJS and the browser environment.

 David Flanagan - The Future of Serverless is WebAssembly 

WebAssembly is reshaping and delivering a new wave of cloud computing. WASI Preview 2 brings server-side applications to the forefront of serverless with a component model that provides networking, files, and more; paired with an invocation time that is measured in nanoseconds instead of milliseconds. The growing support for WASM and WASI means we can write services in TypeScript, Rust, Go, Zig, and many more languages which can seamlessly inter-opt with each other over common APIs. In this session, we'll explore the leading toolchains for building and shipping WASM + WASI stateful serverless functions to the edge. Let's dive in.

 Bassel Ghandour - Adding Undo/Redo to Complex Web Apps 

Wish your users could interact peacefully with your app? In 5 minutes, we will shed light on how to build an undo/redo system in a complex web application. Discover the key challenge and a potential solution. By encapsulating actions and bundling them together, empower your users to execute undo/redo actions with ease. Seize this opportunity to glimpse at an effective method to improve your users’ experience.

4.20pm - 4.50pm: Second afternoon break 🍦

4.50pm - 5.45pm: Talks and conclusion 🎤

 Maud Nalpas - Our future without passwords 

Picture the future. What do you see? Flying cars? Vacations in space? How about…not having to use passwords anymore? Well, welcome to that future. I’ll take you on a journey through our future where you can log in to a site or app by unlocking your phone and show you how to build your own authentication system using passkeys. Passkeys are a significantly safer replacement for passwords: they cannot be reused, don't leak in server breaches, and protect users from phishing attacks. They are built on open standards and work across most popular platforms and browsers such as Chrome, Android, Windows, Edge, MacOS, iOS and Safari. The session is relevant to anyone working on a project with any sort of login functionality.

 Malte Ubl - Generative UI: Bring your React Components to AI today! 

Hear about likely the biggest launch in the JS ecosystem in years! Generative UI, a new version of an AI SDK that enables you to dynamically generate interactive React components based on user prompts is here. Coming back from being largely excluded from the world of machine learning, Frontend developers are now in the center of the revolution of AI applications. Your skills are now part of the AI future, and this talk will paint that positive story, while showing you a concrete tech that you could literally ship at the end of the talk!

5.45pm - 8pm : Happy Hour! 🍹


Mark Dalgleish


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Mark Dalgleish works on the Remix team as a Staff Front End Developer at Shopify. He’s the co-creator of CSS Modules, the creator of Playroom, and maintainer of Vanilla Extract. Mark has been heavily involved with the local JavaScript community as the lead organiser of MelbJS for over a decade.

Ben Lesh


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Ben Lesh has been the lead developer of RxJS for the past 9 years. He's also working on standarding Observables for the web platform with the WHATWG and W3C, as well as being directly involved with the Signals proposal for the TC39. His 20+ year career spans working at companies such as Netflix and Google, and he's currently working on real-time data visualization tooling for a financial tech firm. 

Minko Gechev


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Minko Gechev is the product and DevRel lead for Angular at Google. For the past 14 years, he has been building open source tools for static analysis, libraries, and frameworks. His contributions were recognized with awards from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. Before joining Google, he was a co-founder and CTO at the EdTech company, which in 2019 was acquired by Coursera.

Malte Ubl


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Malte Ubl is the CTO of Vercel, where he leads the development and delivery of the company’s suite of tools and features to enable developers to create at the moment of inspiration. Prior to joining Vercel, Malte was the Principal Engineer for Google Search Rendering and Engineering Director for Google’s Search on Laptops, Tablets, and Desktop. Malte has also created the frontend infrastructure for a number of Google Web Apps and the web at large. He is also the founder and curator of JSConf EU.

Lea Verou - Profile Picture.jpeg

lea verou

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Lea teaches HCI & web programming and researches how to make web programming easier at MIT. She is a bestselling technical author and experienced speaker. She is passionate about open web standards, and is an elected W3C TAG member and a longtime CSS Working Group Invited Expert. Lea has started several popular open source projects and web applications, such as Prism, and Awesomplete. 

James Q Quick


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James is a JS Developer, Keynote Speaker, and Content Creator whose passion for teaching has impacted hundreds of thousands of developers across the world. With 10+ years of Software Development and Developer Advocacy experience, he brings deep technical knowledge to impact a broad audience of developers. In his spare time, he runs a thriving Discord community called Learn Build Teach, plays co-ed soccer with his wife, and can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute.

Ben Halpern


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Ben has been working in the tech industry since 2011. He started his own company, Ben's Web, then joined onehackmind as the User Acquisition Lead, helping to build the next big thing in social media. In 2013, he joined Argo as Lead Software Developer/CTO. In 2017, he co-founded Forem and DEV. Since then, has become one of the most popular places for developers to write about engineering, programming languages, and everyday life. 

Jessica Sachs


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Jess led the development of Cypress Component Testing. She began her career as a Manual QA tester for mobile and transitioned into Software Development in 2014. She’s passionate about the JavaScript Open Source Ecosystem, and especially bundlers, design systems, and test runners. She currently works at Ionic, with a focus on Capacitor and Portals (micro-frontends for mobile).

David Flanagan


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Founder of the Rawkode Academy, open source contributor, and loving husband to my wife, father of two amazing kids, and a plethora of animals. David has been developing software professionally for nearly 20 years, starting with embedded systems written in C back in 2004, and has spent that entire time learning the paradigms of different programming languages, including C++, PHP, Java, and Haskell - though more recently preferring to work with Go, Rust, and Pony.

Marc Backes


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Marc currently serves as the Tech Lead at Talkevent Software, a company headquartered in Germany specializing in B2B communication solutions. With extensive experience in full-stack development, Marc has a particular passion for Vue.js. Additionally, he is a co-organizer of BELvue, a prominent Vue.js community in Belgium. Outside of his professional commitments, Marc enjoys piloting small aircraft.

stoyan stefanov copie.png


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Stoyan has recently joined Etsy as a web performance consultant (formerly at Facebook, WebPageTest and Yahoo!). He has a storied history as an accomplished author, contributor, and custodian of the well-known and respected Planet Performance calendar. He habitually speaks about web development topics at conferences and on his blog at Stoyan is also the creator of the image optimization tool, YUI contributor and was the architect of Yahoo's performance optimization tool YSlow 2.0.

Profile Picture - Alex (1).jpg


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Alex is an independent Creative Developer with a passion for crafting 3D web experiences, specializing in JavaScript, his language of choice. He has created a fully JavaScript-based 3D Mario Kart game using Three.js. Adopting a Build In Public strategy, this project has catapulted his career to unprecedented heights, as it went viral. In his spare time, Alex explores new web technologies and refines his development skills. He also has a keen interest in online racing through Sim Racing.

Profile Picture - Eleanor McHugh.png


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Ellie is cofounder of InIdSol, a London-based consultancy specialising in digital identity, privacy, and secure communications. Her previous adventures have ranged from mission-critical cockpit avionics and broadcast automation networks to DNS and social media. Best known for her talks on the more eclectic uses of Ruby and Go, in recent years Ellie's developed a fascination with WebSockets that's drawn her into the world of vanilla JavaScript and peer-to-peer web applications.

PXL_20210406_103218656.PORTRAIT~2 (2).jpg


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Maud is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google Chrome. She's been a full-stack developer and UX designer across monster legacy codebases and fresh startup repos. As a web lover and security/privacy advocate, Maud explores technologies that transform people's experience on the web while keeping their data private. Maud lives in Paris, France and Berlin, Germany.

Bassel Ghandour


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Originally a Psychology major, he transitioned into technology at École 42 Paris, evolving from a Data Engineer at Kapten (now FreeNow) to a Fullstack Software Engineer at Contentsquare since 2020. His journey blends an understanding of human behavior with technical skills, driving innovations in user experience.

Profile picture - Ruby Jane.jpg


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Ruby Jane Cabagnot, a proficient web developer, speaker, and co-author of Practical Enterprise React, is an active figure in the tech world. Passionate about programming languages like TypeScript, C#, and React, RJ's ongoing learning fuels her drive for innovation and boundary-pushing. She is dedicated to educating and promoting women in technology.


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