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YOUR TICKET for dotjs

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your in-person ticket includes:

♥ In-person access to all talk sessions on April 3, 2025, with dedicated Q&A time with the speakers

♥ In-person encounters with our privileged partners and their exclusive animations at their booths

♥ In-person meetings with the amazing JavaScript community and our fantastic speakers

♥ Delicious food and beverages shared at breaks (welcome breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch)

♥ Special invitation to our post-conference happy-hour (or apéro as we call it in France)

♥ Goodies and unique event swag

♥ Replay of all talks




for dotJS only

early bird PRICE 


 299€ (VAT excl.)

Enjoy this price before next price switch when we reveal speakers.



for dotJS

digital Ticket 

early bird PRICE 

 99 (VAT excl.)

Get access to livestream during the event, including the exclusive Q&A. 

This ticket doesn't give you access to all the other in-person perks during the event.


  • Can I cancel my order?

All sales are final and non-refundable. However, you can easily change the name of the person who is to appear on the badge online, from the confirmation e-mail you received once your order was validated. For any other change, please contact us at contact[at]


  • Can I pay by invoice?

You can pay by invoice but you must create first an online order. Once the order has been created, you will receive your invoice with our bank details to pay via wire transfer. Your order will be confirmed as soon as we receive your wire transfer. You will then receive your access badge to the conference. If you need any assistance with your payment by invoice, please contact us at billing[at]


  • What if I don’t print my badge before arriving at the event?

It’s better to print your badge ahead of time so you’ll avoid the line at the entrance to print it. We’ll have a printer for attendees who are  unable to print it but we strongly recommend to print it before your arrival in order to reduce the line and offer a smoother experience.

  • Any other questions?

Contact us at contact[at]

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