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About us

dotConferences, the high-caliber developer events in Europe
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Our mission

We help developers learn from the best, be inspired, and feel connected to their community. 

We help technical thought-leaders be heard and valued globally. 

We help cities be a hub for technical expertise and innovation.

49211911713_b99e44b17f_k.jpg supports dotConferences and dotJS
Welcome to the Jungle and dotConferences and Welcome to the Jungle join forces to support dotConferences - a unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling web applications and Welcome to the Jungle- a French specialist in employer branding and recruitment - are joining forces to help relaunch dotConferences.

This initiative aims to revive globally renowned conferences and strengthen Paris's position as a key tech hub. The idea is to provide a reassuring perspective on the future of developer professions through top-notch speakers and premium content.


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React Paris is a buddy conference of dotJS

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Interested to become a buddy conference of dotJS ? 

Our team

CEO of dotConferences

Nessrine Berrama



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Head of Event and Attendee Experience of dotConferences

Anne-Sophie Norca

Head of Event


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dotConferences team

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