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june 27, 2024 - PARIS, FRANCE


charlie gerard

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Charlie is a staff engineer at Socket, the author of the book "Practical Machine Learning in JavaScript with TensorFlow.js" and overall, a creative technologist. In her spare time she explores the field of human-computer interaction and builds side projects using machine learning, AR/VR, hardware and creative coding. 



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Mark Dalgleish works on the Remix team as a Staff Front End Developer at Shopify. He’s the co-creator of CSS Modules, the creator of Playroom, and maintainer of Vanilla Extract. Mark has been heavily involved with the local JavaScript community as the lead organiser of MelbJS for over a decade.

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James is a JS Developer, Keynote Speaker, and Content Creator whose passion for teaching has impacted hundreds of thousands of developers across the world. With 10+ years of Software Development and Developer Advocacy experience, he brings deep technical knowledge to impact a broad audience of developers. In his spare time, he runs a thriving Discord community called Learn Build Teach, plays co-ed soccer with his wife, and can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute.

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Founder of the Rawkode Academy, open source contributor, and loving husband to my wife, father of two amazing kids, and a plethora of animals. David has been developing software professionally for nearly 20 years, starting with embedded systems written in C back in 2004, and has spent that entire time learning the paradigms of different programming languages, including C++, PHP, Java, and Haskell - though more recently preferring to work with Go, Rust, and Pony.

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Malte Ubl is the CTO of Vercel, where he leads the development and delivery of the company’s suite of tools and features to enable developers to create at the moment of inspiration. Prior to joining Vercel, Malte was the Principal Engineer for Google Search Rendering and Engineering Director for Google’s Search on Laptops, Tablets, and Desktop. Malte has also created the frontend infrastructure for a number of Google Web Apps and the web at large. He is also the founder and curator of JSConf EU.



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Minko Gechev is the product and DevRel lead for Angular at Google. For the past 14 years, he has been building open source tools for static analysis, libraries, and frameworks. His contributions were recognized with awards from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. Before joining Google, he was a co-founder and CTO at the EdTech company, which in 2019 was acquired by Coursera.

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Alex is an independent Creative Developer with a passion for crafting 3D web experiences, specializing in JavaScript, his language of choice. He has created a fully JavaScript-based 3D Mario Kart game using Three.js. Adopting a Build In Public strategy, this project has catapulted his career to unprecedented heights, as it went viral. In his spare time, Alex explores new web technologies and refines his development skills. He also has a keen interest in online racing through Sim Racing.

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Maud is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google Chrome. She's been a full-stack developer and UX designer across monster legacy codebases and fresh startup repos. As a web lover and security/privacy advocate, Maud explores technologies that transform people's experience on the web while keeping their data private. Maud lives in Paris, France and Berlin, Germany.



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Originally a Psychology major, he transitioned into technology at École 42 Paris, evolving from a Data Engineer at Kapten (now FreeNow) to a Fullstack Software Engineer at Contentsquare since 2020. His journey blends an understanding of human behavior with technical skills, driving innovations in user experience.

more speakers will be announced soon!

In 2024, enjoy the fabulous settings
of the Folies Bergère theater





pierre lizet.jpeg

Pierre Lizet


Another great day organized perfectly by @dotConferences! Thanks again to the whole team and the speakers for sharing your thoughts on all the interesting topics covered today at #dotjs

Thanks @dotjs &@dotConferences 

for a great event. For me, 2 days of interesting talks and good food. Highly motivated with loads of new ideas. Hope to see more & more talk slides coming online.


Jeroen van Wissen


Thomas Verhoken


And that's it! #dotcss and #dotjs are over 😢. 3 days of really intense and rewarding conferences 🤯! I'm coming back with so many things to try 😀 and especially this great hoodie 😍. Thanks @dotConferences, you always rock!

Happy to be back 

After 39 editions of dotConferences since 2012, with more than 24,000 attendees and a forced 4-year break, dotConferences are making a comeback in June 2024 starting with dotJS.

During last dotJS edition, we welcomed 1500+ attendees per day! We can’t wait to welcome you back on June 27, 2024, to get the latest news, features and best practices about JavaScript. Let’s meet together to reboot the fantastic dotJS conference atmosphere!

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