Bronze partner

💊Who we are

Inato unifies clinical research globally, forging a path for patients to benefit from new treatments faster.

We provide an AI-augmented platform that speeds up patient recruitment for clinical trials, cross-checking dozens of sources to produce actionable insights. We are already working with leading companies on major international clinical trials.
Our first product has been used for 60 clinical trials and we are about to propose 2 new products for our clients.
We have grown from 4 to 20 over the past year and plan to reach 40 by the end of the year in France and in the US.

Drug discovery is a challenging, intellectually complex, and rewarding endeavor: we help develop effective and safe cures to diseases affecting millions of people. If you’re looking to have a massive impact, join us!

💊Why we participate to dotJS?

We have built most of our applications using JavaScript, and wanted to find a way to connect more deeply to the JS ecosystem.

We are already publishing open-source libraries, sharing technical articles and giving talks to local meetups. Sponsoring dotJS looked like the obvious next step.

We attended the conference last year and found it great regarding both content and logistics. Their initiatives to increase diversity and their carbon neutrality goal convinced us it was the right thing to do.

💊Our tech stack