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What is Cloudflare?
Cloudflare is a massive network - spanning over 190 cities - that protects and accelerates your web properties. And now with Cloudflare Workers, you can deploy serverless apps and static websites directly to the Cloudflare network.

Cloudflare Workers: Globally distributed serverless platform
Cloudflare offers a new serverless platform called Cloudflare Workers. Serverless is a cloud-compute model where you don’t maintain any servers - you just write code, select what http endpoint you’d like it to run on, and deploy it. With Cloudflare Workers, your code is deployed across all 194 of our data centers automatically. Scaling and load balancing are automatically handled for you.

Workers Sites: Deploy blazing-fast static websites
With Cloudflare Workers and the Wrangler CLI, you can deploy static websites across all of our data centers simultaneously with just 3 CLI commands. Cloudflare’s network is milliseconds away from virtually every Internet user, so sites start fast and stay fast throughout the entire user experience.