dotJS 2019

Vue.js Hardcore training

December 2-3, 2019 Paris, France

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Discover the power of VueJS progressive framework

We have partnered with Hackages to provide this Vue.js HackCamp from December 2 to 3, 2019.

If you are looking into a progressive framework in JavaScript, discover the tools that VueJS can offer and build your first apps in only 2 days of training. Join our mentors to work in two challenges!

This hands-on training will provide you with in-depth knowledge of VueJS framework (version 2.5.17), including features such as the vue-cli, vue-router and vuex.

During the 2 days, you will work in a real video streaming application to fix bugs and add new features to make it run again to put intro practice all the theory that will be covered.

The challenge for the training:
Join a team of developers getting together to fix the VueJS application of HackFlix. HackFlix is a video streaming website serving 148 million users, whose evil competitor Hackazon Prime is trying to destroy.


Victor Bury

Victor Bury

Victor is Open Source Engineer at Hackages. He is passionate about all things JavaScript and specially Vue.js, in which he’s immersing himself the last few months.

Anthony Antoine

Anthony Antoine

Anthony is an Open Source engineer at Hackages. He's always enjoyed using Javascript and started playing with frameworks back when Backbone and Ember were part of the Big Three. Nowadays he really likes using Vue and React for projects big and small, while still keeping an eye out for game changing new technologies. He also likes to investigate paradigms diverging from the traditional procedural / object-oriented programming.


Day 1

  • Form bindings and validation with vee-validate
  • Routing
    • Simple Routing From Scratch
    • Core concept of vue-router
      • Dynamic Route Matching
      • Nested Routes
      • Programmatic Navigation
      • Named Routes
      • Named Views
      • Redirect and Alias
      • Passing Props to Route Components
    • Advanced in vue-router
      • Guard
      • Data fetching patterns - fetching After/Before Navigation
      • Lazy loading

Day 2

  • State Management using vuex
    • state management patterns in a nutshell
    • What is Vuex?
    • Using Actions, Mutations and Getters
    • Modules / plugins
    • Composing actions (Promises and Async/Await)
    • Testing
    • Best practices and common pitfalls
  • Reusability & Composition
    • Mixins
    • Slots
    • Async Components
    • Custom Directives
    • Render Functions & JSX
    • Plugins
    • Filters
    • Typescript
    • Advanced Component Patterns
    • Testing
      • Unit tests with Jest and vue-test-utils
      • E2E tests with Nightwatch/ Cypress

Content covered per day can vary depending on the group speed

For who?

  • Software engineers
  • Developers
  • Designers

Required knowledge for the training:

  • Comfortable writing JavaScript. The concept of `this` should not scare you
  • Async programming
  • Spread/rest operator
  • Basic concepts in Vue (Vue Instance, Directives, event handling, components - lifecycle, communication patterns, SMART/DUMB)

After the training:

  • Access to all exercises via GitHub
  • Possibility to contact your mentor
  • Personalised certificate by Hackages