Silver partner

At Teads, we are building technologies for advertising. Solving complex problems at scale to help the best Publishers around the planet monetize their Websites & Apps and connect Advertisers to an audience of over 1.5bn people every month, using the latest technologies.

At the heart of the company, our Engineering team (based in Paris, Montpellier and Bucharest) brings together 120+ talented individuals (we are hiring!).

Being part of Teads means joining a group of passionate people in tackling great technical challenges. It also means being a member of a team driven by the wish to progress together toward excellence (community of practice, reading groups) while remaining connected to the ecosystem (Meetups, Conferences like dotJS!).

The advertising industry is an endless source of challenges:

  • We work in a very high traffic environment with low latencies constraints
  • Web and mobile complexity, we are trying to offer a similar user experience on a wide range of contexts (device, OS, browser, etc.)
  • An infinite source of Machine Learning use cases, ranging from ad performance prediction to ad delivery pacing and forecasting
  • Large datasets that we need to compute in near real-time (auction resolution) and even greater volumes for analytics use cases
  • We operate globally and constantly think about new products to build the future of the media

In this fast-paced environment, we constantly have to improve our technologies and try emerging approaches.

Come have a chat during coffee breaks to get to know about us! You can also check our evolving stack here (incl. ES6, React, TypeScript, Redux, Node.js).