Delicious Insights

Bronze partner

Delicious Insights is all about tech-heavy training around technologies we love. We’re based in Paris, France but can train your team worldwide in French or English.

We love dotJS

dotJS is one of the most amazing JS conferences we’ve ever been to, so it made sense to help them out! We provide administrative training-budget ticketing for French businesses and the conference's guest emcee has been none other than our very own Christophe Porteneuve :-)

In-room training you’ll never forget

We provide in-room training with tons of hands-on practice and production-grade know-how across our 5 acclaimed courses:

  • 360° ES covers 100% of the language (including the very latest official edition and some amazing upcoming features still at stage 3 or even 2); 3 days intended for people with good work experience of JS who want to become the go-to person in their team for deep language expertise.
  • 360° Git is perhaps the best Git training in the world. We’ve trained many hundreds of professionals on Git for almost 10 years now and cover everything from the basics to super advanced material, popping the hood open now and then to demystify everything. Can be 2 or 3 days depending on the selected scope.
  • Webpack is a “zero-to-hero” course that covers everything about Webpack, from basic setup to advanced DX to every nook and cranny of build optimization, across 3 intense days.
  • Node.js covers all of “Node core” (streams, event loop, etc.) then dives into API design using both REST and GraphQL, complete with integration tests and PaaS deployment. Serverless also gets some coverage. 4 packed days!
  • Modern Web Apps is all about the front-end with React, Redux, React-Router, full tests, Storybook, offlining and service workers, and more.

Screencasts that’ll blow your mind

We also offer an ever-growing catalog of online video courses, both in English and French, with some freebies added in the mix. Some highlights:

dotJS attendees get a free screencast, on us!

E-mail us with a photo of our dotJS badge, matching e-mail, and your preferred course among the non-free released ones, and we’ll send you a coupon to get this one for free! You’ll even get a discount on all the other ones at purchase time!